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New Discord - Rotations - 07-12-2019

Send me a message and I will send you the new information.


RE: New Discord - Rotations - 07-13-2019

Replied to everyone so far.. MSG with NEW in the subject line if you send me something, please.

RE: New Discord - Mr.Blinky - 07-15-2019

Looking for the new discord. Must have missed the move announcement.
Thanks for you help.

RE: New Discord - psycho1666 - 07-18-2019

same here, already pmed rotations, didn't get an answer yet

RE: New Discord - Mr.Blinky - 07-19-2019

Let me know when you do. I PM'd as well.

RE: New Discord - Rotations - 07-22-2019


RE: New Discord - Conor663 - 07-27-2019

I have PM'd for the new Discord, no reply yet though

RE: New Discord - htordeux - 07-27-2019

Same for me

Thanks in advance

RE: New Discord - evaldazz - 07-27-2019

would like an invite too please,

RE: New Discord - sonkai - 07-28-2019

Let me link if possible